Appraisals & More

We offer a variety of custom tailored art appraisal, valuation, curatorial, advisory & management services for public, private, corporate & non-profit collections.

Appraisal Practice

For assets, insurance, estate, non-cash charitable donation, equitable property dissolution, taxation or resale and liquidation

  • The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
  • The International Society of Appraisers’ Code of Ethics (ISA) and Appraisal Report Writing Standards (ARWS)
  • Consists of identification, evaluation, photography, research, and documentation

Valuation Service

For appraisal fairs, auction estimates, estate sales, resale and liquidation, and general information

  • Object identification
  • Market values ONLY
  • Presented verbally
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Does NOT include photography or documentation


For physical museum, gallery, and online exhibitions and collections, permanent and traveling

  • Collections management
  • Exhibit conception, design, and review
  • Catalogs and didactics
  • Travel logistics
  • Lectures and presentations


For appraisers, auctions, banks, curators, dealers, executors, foundations, galleries, insurers, lawyers, museums, and universities

  • Collections development (acquisition/deaccession)
  • Object history and provenance research
  • Expert witness
  • Conference speaker
  • Art juror
  • Other requests for information or assistance

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